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Monday, July 26


by pissed off patricia

Have you heard?  Boston is locked down and tied up with security.  We have jets above and bomb sniffing dogs below.  The doors are locked and the windows are barred.  This place is tight as a drum.  It's costing all of us some big bucks.  You knew all this, right?  Okay just imagine how much more security we would have needed if Saddam wasn't in jail.  Exactly!  Remember, bush told us that nabbing Saddam made America safer.  Safer than what? 

We are told to feel safer because "We got him."  Well, I'm thinking that if we had left him the hell alone a bit longer and put all our efforts into being able to say "We got him" in Afghanistan, perhaps, just perhaps, the jets could have stayed in the hangers and the dogs could be snoozing on the front porch.  Sure we would need security at both conventions, but maybe not to the extent we see today.

Bush declared, let there be fear, and fear has rained down upon the country for four years.  He told us to love our neighbor, as we would like to be loved ourselves.  He also told us to keep an eye on our neighbor just in case we thought we saw any funny business going on.  You know, watch for any terrorist hanky panky and such.  So, while you're loving your neighbor, check him out for WMD.  Snuggle up close and frisk that rascal.  Yeah okay, it's gonna be tough to get this chore done, but it's in the name of safety and fear and "terra".  Oh, you know the drill.  Always be alert for reasons to be fearful.  Even when loving thy neighbor, don't forget to be afraid.  Since 9-11, Americans have been forced to wear fear the way Hester Prynne was forced to wear her scarlet "A".

Fear is a funny thing, once you’ve felt it, it's difficult to shake.  It's like an anxiety attack. You know it's an unfounded emotion but just because it's unfounded doesn't mean you can brush it off.  The bush administration has inflicted a case of anxiety on the whole country.  The attacks of 9-11 scared the beejezus out of everyone, and that's a fear that was well founded. But, the reminders by way of alerts, color codes etc. have served as a constant cue for anxiety.  They give us a subtle message telling us that it not only happened, it’s very likely to happen again.  It's almost as if they're saying daily, don't forget to be afraid today.  That sort of national anxiety is not healthy, and apparently it hasn't been very productive either, because Boston is locked down and tied up with security today, just like old Saddam.  Thank goodness the terrorists of 9-11 didn't succeed in taking away our freedom, huh?

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