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Friday, July 23


by pissed off patricia

On the day the 9-11 Commission showed us their findings, on the day we were told we better get shaking if we are to have a chance in hell of preventing another attack, on the day the world saw that we have to shape up our intelligence community - on this very day, the House of Representatives decided the most important and urgent thing they should do is vote to try to bar same sex marriages.  I guess they felt that denying homosexual marriages is our first line of defense in the war on "terra".  Whew, good thing someone thought of that, huh?  The 9-11 Commission forgot all about the role gay marriages would play in putting our country in harm's way.  Imagine if all gay couples had the right and freedom to wed.  Talk about letting our guard down just as Ridge is shouting about something that's about to happen somewhere at sometime.  When things get rough, grab you bible and say, Amen!  Ah, what would Jesus do?  What do you think Jesus would say is our numero uno problem du jour?  Would it be the safety of our country or would it be the dreaded possibility of adult gay Americans committing to love each other and share all of life's lovely gifts?  Those who chat with him often should ask about this.

It took us a long time to make those recognitions and inclusions, but thank goodness we finally did.  Isn't it time we grew a little more and a little faster?  Isn't it time to stop wasting time trying to ban rights?  Isn't it time to once again declare to the world that in America, all Americans are equal and deserve equal rights as well as equal recognition in everything they do?  Owning a bible is fine, but using it to block the way to the full acceptance, acknowledgement, and equal rights of any American is not so fine.   Yes, gay marriages are going to usher in a change in our society, but that's what is so wonderful about America, we change and we grow.  At least we used to.


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