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Thursday, July 22


by pissed off patricia

The 9-11 Commission will reveal its report this morning.  The Pretzelnit has stated that he will look at it and consider the recommendations.  Well, duh! I sure as hell hope he'll not only look at it but actually read it as well.  This report deserves his deepest attention.  He should be waiting with an eager and open mind for the contents of this report.  He should be, but is he?

My gut feeling is that the entire investigation and report are a major pain in his ass.  I think he sees the 9-11 attacks as nothing more than a means to an end.  Thanks to those attacks he hit the jackpot as far as giving his neo buds a means for the war they had always dreamed about.  The fear factor flag was handed to them on that awful September day and they flew it all the way to Iraq.  Many Americans went along for the ride.  Bush's words blurred their vision, and they lost their ability to distinguish the flag of fear from Old Glory.  Both flags looked the same to them.  Many Americans would blindly follow bush straight to hell, and they did. 

The Easter Bunny has nothing on bush when it comes to hiding things.  I'm convinced he would have liked nothing better than to have kept everything regarding pre 9-11 security hidden from public view.  Thank goodness the 9-11 Families screamed their demands for this investigation until someone finally heard them.  Without their voices we wouldn't be hearing what we'll hear today.  Once we gave them our sympathy, and now we should give them our gratitude. 

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