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Wednesday, July 21


by pissed off patricia

The War That Bush Might Win is The One He Shouldn't

In every poll I've seen, only one percent of Americans are concerned about the environment.  I find that strange since the environmental problems in this country effect one hundred percent of Americans.

I know the economy and healthcare concerns are terribly important now, but if we don't have clean air and clean water we'll need even more healthcare, and that will affect the economy.  Without a healthy environment we cannot have healthy Americans, and that would be costly.

Concern about our environment is not a luxury.  It isn't as though we can just push environmental problems aside until we have nothing better to do but deal with them.  To say that we'll deal with the environment later is not a plan, it's an excuse for not multi-tasking American problems.  As the bush administration has been hell bent on deforestation, releasing the government's grip on industrial polluters and working feverishly to dismantle the Endangered Species List, apparently only one percent of Americans have cared.  That's not enough to make a difference. 

To anyone who has wondered how much worse four more years of the bush administration might be, please remember that bush has been at war with Mother Nature for four long years and with only one percent of Americans fighting on Her side, I'm not sure She can hold on for four more years.  If Mother Nature is forced to defend herself for four more years against the bush administration, there's a horrible possibility that bush may have found a war he can actually win.  That would be a victory that one hundred percent of Americans can ill afford.

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