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Thursday, July 15


by pissed off patricia

Cheney's Disclosed Insecure Location?

Rumor has it that Cheney's new doc will exclaim that Cheney's heart could go up in forty-five minutes like a mushroom cloud.   So he'd better not renew any magazine subscriptions to his Washington home address.  If this should happen, bush will feign concern and surprise with that old, all to familiar, deer in the headlights expression.  Bush will lament about what a top notch, freedom loving, with us - not with the terrorists, standup guy, old Dick has been.  Then he'll produce his new and improved vice presidential running mate.  Who might the mystery person be?

Some speculate it might be McCain.  He has already endured being a prisoner of war in Nam so he has proven he can endure torture, and I'm pretty sure it would be torturous for John to have to take orders from bush.  So he might be the new number two.

Some speculate it might be Powell.  If I recall correctly Colin, when presented with all the intel they wanted him to share with the UN, described some of the material as "shit".  So Colin has proven he knows shit when he sees it.  That talent could come in handy when working with bush.

Another name floated is Condi Rice.  Someone who is good at sucking up and bs-ing is a great advantage for bush and his coalition of the lying.  Condi has already proven she can lie with the best of them.

Finally, Giuliani's name has also been placed on the possibility list.  I'm not sure what he would have to offer except that every time his name is mentioned it reminds everyone of 9-11.  Hey, maybe that's the key, as it sure would keep continuous fuel on the fear fire.  And, perhaps it would snuff out this ridiculous theory that we aren't safer.   Each mention of Giuliani's name would cue Bush to  brag about the fact that another attack has not occurred on American soil since 9-11.... okay, at least not by terrorists anyway.  We did have a major attack on jobs, education, our economy, our environment, and god knows the list goes on and on.  Bush says the terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom, but he hasn't told us why he attacked us. 

Personally, I doubt Cheney will leave the ticket blaming it on his ticker.  If he did, his party would look even more desperate than they did when they raised the gay marriage flag up the political flagpole.  They experienced a salute malfunction.  This rumor about dumping Cheney could be another one of their flags, raised to see how many salutes they might expect. A little test to see what reaction their party might have to the possibility.  When you dump half your ticket, you're about at the bottom of the desperation barrel.  I can't imagine the Republicans taking the chance on anyone but Cheney being able to control bush.  Though bush might be not quite so nuts with another veep, he would still be just as stupid.  That's what the Republicans don't understand.  It's the stupid factor, stupid! 

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