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Wednesday, July 14


by pissed off patricia

I'm about to make a statement that I never thought I would write.  I admire one thing about Lynn Cheney.  I sure do!  She has stuck by her daughter and everyone in the gay community.  Unlike her eerie husband who was willing to turn against the gay community as he changed his mind and decided he was now, for political reasons, against gay marriage.  I guess dour and creepy old dick feels bush's re-election is more dear to him than his daughter's happiness and the happiness of all present and future members of the gay community.  How's that for your family values?

Senator Boxer made a great speech on the floor yesterday as she outlined all our needs and contrasted that to the insanity of pushing along this ridiculous Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.  Another good woman speaks up and does it well.

I mean, come on.  We're going to protect families from married gay neighbors, before we protect them from terrorism?  According to Ridge, the terrorists are on the cusp of an attack but apparently we are safe enough that we can put funding for homeland security on the back burner while we ramp up the effort to prevent gays from getting married.  This administration knows this is insane because: a) it hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of passing, and b) It's so hopelessly political that it smells to high heaven.

So why are they doing it?  For the same damned reason that President Clinton gave when he was asked why he did the deed with Monica.  Clinton said, "Because I could."  Everyone went bananas when President Clinton did what he did.   This administration is playing this gay marriage amendment charade, because it can.  Why isn't the public going bananas now?  The public is mute when something as serious as our national safety is put on hold so that the bush administration can wake up their base with an idiotic fantasy Constitutional amendment.  The mantra is that they are protecting the institution of marriage.  What the hell difference will it make who is married to whom if we sit on our hands and allow another major terrorist attack because of our inability to do what needs to be done to protect the nation?  They don't care doodly squat about who marries whom.  They aren't worried about protecting marriage.  What they are concerned about is that bush's poll numbers are dropping and that spells trouble for them.  Family values?  No.  Protecting marriage?  No.  Turning against the happiness of one's family member for political reasons?  Sure nuff.  It's not about anything familial, it's all about everything political.

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