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Tuesday, July 13


by pissed off patricia

The Republicans have pretty much decided that everything that has ever tragically occurred in the world can be traced forward or backward to the vile Clinton administration.  I'm waiting to see how they connect President Clinton to the extinction of the dinosaurs.  Jeez Louise, they are trying to connect the dots in the most magical of ways.  They continue to repeat their mantra about President Clinton and just about everyone else in the world believing that Iraq was bulging at the seams with weapons that could destroy the earth.  What they fail to mention is that no one else on earth opted to invade Iraq and do a little crafty nation building.  And surely, we should have kept our noses out of Iraq until we had completed our first chore, which was of course to seek revenge on those who planned and executed the attacks of 9-11.  The US tried a bit of multi-tasking in the form of multi-warring, and folks, it didn't work.  We weren't cross-trained enough before we entered the game.  We were killers at killing but somewhat lacking in a plan for laying flowers on the graves.  President Clinton may have thought Iraq had wmd, but he doesn't have over 800 military deaths associated with his place in history.


Okay, putting national security aside for now (and we can do that anytime it's beneficial to bush and the boys), we have announced to the entire world that our CIA is deemed to be a colossal failure.   We can't be told about all the details pre and post 9-11, because that would surely give away our big secrets to the world.  But if it protects bush's butt, hey, what the hell?  Instead of saying our president spoofed just about every American into thinking we had to attack Iraq, let's lay the blame at the door of George Tenet and the CIA.  Tenet has already left the building, so what the heck. He won't be opening his door anymore anyway.  We couldn't lay the blame at bush's door because he's the guy who said that God told him to execute this war.  And what would the good god think of someone who would use his name in a lie that resulted in thousands of deaths?  I doubt any god would appreciate being used like that.  If there is a heavenly reckoning day, I sure would like to hear bush explain this one to the big guy.


If we really were poisoned at the well, why the hell do we keep drinking the same water?  Everyone is all a tizzy as they blame the CIA for bad intelligence regarding the reasons for war.   Then in the next breath they are telling us that the very same CIA is credible now when they tell us that we should expect a terrorist attack before the end of the year.  Think about it.  The CIA's intelligence was so flawed, yet they presented it so well that the administration relied on it as a reason to invade a non-threatening country.   Why should we think their intelligence about future attacks is credible?  Can ya have it both ways?  According to the news, the CIA missed the boat on intel before 9-11, and they missed the boat  on intel before the Iraq invasion.  They've missed a couple of real important boats, huh?  So why is the, Attack before Elections, boat any different?  You can't say they are always wrong except when you want them to be right.  Oh wait, I forgot!  In bush world all things are possible whether they're real or not.

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