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Saturday, July 24

Ain't That A Kick in the Head?

"Ukraine's pre-election environment has already proven problematic in such key areas as control and manipulation of the media; attempts by national authorities to limit access to international broadcasting, including Radio Liberty; obstacles to free assembly and a free and fair political campaign."

It seems that the US Senate is deeply concerned about Ukraine elections scheduled for October 31st. So concerned that they passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 106 late Thursday night. The bipartisan resolution urges the Government of Ukraine to ensure a democratic, transparent, and fair election process for the presidential election.

"The October elections will be vital in determining Ukraine's course for years to come. This resolution is a concrete expression of the commitment of the U.S. Senate to the Ukrainian people," said Co-Chairman, Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colo.). "Ukraine's elections should be a watershed for the future direction of that country of great potential. Ukrainian authorities need to radically improve the election environment if there is to be hope for these elections to meet OSCE standards. By doing so, they will go a long way in restoring the trust of the citizens of Ukraine and strengthening Ukraine's independence and democracy."

UPDATE: Alert Reader, Richard Cranium, rewrites this article in the comments section. Great job!

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