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Thursday, July 22

The 9/11 Report

I am reading it now. Get it here.

It's not all that shocking. Intelligence failures, foreign policy failures, kill the Americans, etc.

There is nothing about the evil doers "hating our freedoms" so much here in this country as much as them hating our government's 'freedom' to place troops in middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia.

I'm not up to the part about why Bush sat in the classroom reading a book while all this was happening.

"Although Bin Ladin was determined to strike in the United States, as President Clinton had been told and President Bush was reminded in a Presidential Daily Brief article briefed to him in August 2001, the specific threat information pointed overseas. Numerous precautions were taken overseas.

Domestic agencies were not effectively mobilized. The threat did not receive
national media attention comparable to the millennium alert."


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