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Friday, July 9

3 Little Questions

Three little questions that raced through my head today.
by Pissed Off Patricia

Why, during the time we were lobbing bombs on Iraq, did we not hear how many innocents we killed, but now, when someone else is doing the killing, we are told exactly how many Iraqis are killed in each attack?

Did bush have to boost Jenna's allowance to get her to ride along with him today on his trip to Pennsylvania (I'm sure it was presidential business)?  I guess he saw Senator Kerry's and Senator Edward's sweet families flanking them the other day and decided he would drag his daughter, who probably kicked and screamed the whole way, around with or behind him.  She didn't really appear to enjoy walking around with her old dad.  Her little outfit looked a bit casual for campaigning for dad's presidential re-election, but what the hell, she probably feels it's a waste of time too.

If the CIA got it all wrong, was that part of the "slam-dunk" process that Tenet referred to, as quoted in Woodward's book?  Did Tenet mean that he would slam and dunk the truth in order to serve up the kind of info that the administration wanted to hear to justify their invasion of Iraq?  I think we were the ones who were slammed and dunked.  Am I insane for feeling sorry for the people who worked under Tenet?  Wonder if any of them will ever tell all of us what really happened?

These aren't even a fraction of all my questions, just the ones that popped up today.

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