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Saturday, June 26

Yet Another Opinion on Michael Moore

I kind of like this website. They have this article that attacks Michael Moore. It's a satire but the weird thing is that I know people who would agree with the article completely.

Michael Moore: The Traitorest of The Traitors

Such a word almost sounds French. Well, what a perfect descriptive adjective for Michael Moore, in the sense that not only is he a despicable traitor, but a Frenchie bastard one at that.

But does the word “traitorest” even exist? No, according to my fabulous Microsoft Word spell checking mechanism, or even But computer types and intellectuals have a way of turning everything in their favor politically—yes, extremely liberal—so I’m certain it’s a case of rewriting history (or the language, in this case).

They’ve taken the word “traitorest” out of the English lexicon so that us patriots are suckered into believing that the word is unacceptable for use in describing these liberal ‘heroes’, such as Moore and John Kerry.

I’d go as far as to say that Michael Moore is a bigger traitor than John Kerry, who spit on our soldiers, threw his medals in the faces of patriotic grandmothers, makes a fortune selling ketchup which is used to smother French fries, married a traitorous Communist woman who was born somewhere in Africa, and even tried to bring Great President Reagan down!

Yes, Michael Moore is a bigger traitor than the despicable villain I've just described. Hard to believe, but such is reality.

I haven’t seen Fahrenheit 9/11 yet, but the fact that Moore made a movie criticizing Our President just makes me sick to my stomach. Let’s hope he is either censored or defeated by Patriotic Organizations, whose aim is to shut Moore the hell up, for good reason.

If you’re stifling the free speech of an America-hating Commie madman, who wants to criticize the greatest President since Reagan, you’re doing something positive for the country. You’re saving America from turning into the last bastion for Communist filth, terrorist vermin, and anti-American hippies.

Would you want fat, baseball-cap-wearing uglies such as Moore running America, parading in their fabulous fits of flabby flatulence while killing American soldiers and babies? Or would you prefer handsome, sexually attractive go-getters such as the immensely patriotic, America-loving George W. Bush? The answer is obvious.

Michael Moore is a traitor. He must be shut up before America sees his movie and is taken over by his relentless thought-control methods!

That fat bastard hates America, for heaven’s sake!

Before Americans decide to watch this piece of lie-filled, unfiltered propaganda, they have some choices to make.

Do we want dead babies, or freedom?

Communism and homosexualism, or freedom?

Mass torture, or freedom?

Joseph Stalin, or freedom?

Michael Moore, or freedom?

That’s what it all comes down to. It’s a simple choice.

I haven’t seen Fahrenheit 9/11, nor do I plan on seeing it, but it’s full of lies, and it sucks!

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