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Tuesday, June 29

Uh Mr President You Aren't The Ruler of the United States

The preznit keeps forgetting that he was not elected but appointed and not only that, he is rather unsure of what the constitution says and what it means. He has little or no regard for history and has the manners and class of someone who was raised by animals. It's rather embarrassing when he goes overseas to represent us, wouldn't you say? eeek. (Even Nixon had class.) How many years would you say he set back our country?

And now the news...

NY Times: In Classic Check and Balance, Court Shows Bush It Also Has Wartime Powers: "It was Justice Robert H. Jackson who first noted 52 years ago this month, in another wartime election summer, that a president is not commander in chief of the country, only of the military. Justice Jackson wrote that in his concurring opinion overturning Harry S. Truman's seizure of the American steel industry during the Korean war, and Justice David H. Souter cited those words approvingly in his concurrence on Monday."

And you don't rule Europe either!

Guardian Unlimited: Angry Chirac puts Bush in his place: "Jacques Chirac bluntly told George Bush to mind his own business yesterday when the US president urged European leaders to give Turkey a firm date for starting EU membership talks later this year.

Ignoring the determined effort to celebrate improved transatlantic relations after the Iraq crisis, the French president publicly rebuked Mr Bush at Nato's Istanbul summit for calling for special treatment for the Turks."

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