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Monday, June 14

These Koolaid Times

From The LA Timesthis morning: "A group of 26 former senior diplomats and military officials, several appointed to key positions by Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, plans to issue a joint statement this week arguing that President George W. Bush has damaged America's national security and should be defeated in November." Good. Keep it coming baby. My inner blonde gets all giggly when I see stuff like this.

The Times also has an article called A Nation Divided? Who Says? regarding this book, 'Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America.'

"The book presents evidence that voters in red and blue America are not far apart. Majorities in both places support stricter gun control as well as the death penalty; they strongly oppose giving blacks preference in hiring while also wanting the government to guarantee that blacks are treated fairly by employers. They're against outlawing abortion completely or allowing it under any circumstances, and their opinions on abortion have been fairly stable for three decades. Virtually identical majorities of Blues and Reds don't want a single party controlling the White House and Congress.

"The two big surprises in our research," Professor DiMaggio said, "were the increasing agreement between churchgoing evangelicals and mainline Protestants, even on abortion, and the lack of increasing polarization between African-Americans and whites. Evangelicals have become less doctrinaire and more liberal on issues like gender roles. African-Americans are showing more diversity in straying from the liberal line on issues like government programs that assist minorities."

This is interesting. I just may read this one at the beach this summer. The so called liberal media is always saying that this country is polarized. Maybe it really isn't all that polarized. I am trying to hold to the faith that perhaps in November, people with heads on their shoulders will consider that 'Bush politics and religion' is a bunch of crap no matter what side of the center you live on. I seriously can't imagine that the vast majority of Americans are married to their political party, right or wrong.

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read about my visit to Koolaid island here...

Yesterday, blogger Billydoom and I found ourselves on the Isle de Koolaid. It's a swanky island situated between the north fork and south fork of Long Island. You can only access it via ferry (it keeps out zee riff raff). Billydoom had an invitation to a party on the island. I have reclusive relatives living there who find themselves now sitting on multimillion dollar waterfront properties. I spent a great part of my childhood there and can navigate the east end of Long Island and Koolaid Island quite well. (that's where I learned counter culture activities plus waterskiing, sailing and fishing in the 60's, man.) We visited my uncle in the morning, then hit Billydoom's party.

I put Bacardi in my Koolaid and then switched to Cuervo Gold as the Karaoke got worse and I saw an 'O'Reilly Factor' hat on one of the party people. We were told by a Sean Hannity lover that the war in Iraq was necessary because Saddam gassed his people and was truly the answer to the war on terror despite this. Billydoom, while excrutiatingly handsome in that continental Fernando Llamas/Ricardo Montalban sort of way, also has a leftover 'anti-American' accent and my being an outspoken ex hippy chick... well, it was best that we had our say (and we did), flipped out some old ladies and hit the road before dark... back to the big island... the Island of La Long.

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