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Thursday, June 10

Swing States

Blonde Editorial: Why are the Republicans trying to win swing states? It appears to be way off their agenda especially since they are so hell bent on preserving marriage. I imagine that swingers don't exemplify the moral values that Republicans would like us to live up to, in fact it seems a bit kinky to me. I am surprised that Mr Bush would even tempt his Christian soul by even campaigning in a swing state. I can understand that Mr Kerry would campaign there being that he is a hell bound Catholic, but why even bother campaigning in a swing state? Swingers seem to be quite liberal and are most likely to vote Democrat anyway. So what is all the hoopla about anyway?

UPDATE: This blonde is so embarrassed. I got a vast amount of email explaining to me that swing states aren't for swingers. Swing states are for people who go both ways. Now that is really kinky.

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