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Sunday, June 6

Statistics Sunday

As of today, the War in Iraq has cost my county, Nassau County, NY about $873,400.

Nassau County has contributed more to the war than any of these whole states:
Delaware, Alaska, Montana, Nebraska, Mississippi, Maine, Iowa, Idaho, Hawaii, South Carolina, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, West Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont and Utah.

You can play with statistics for your area and find out what else this money could have bought for your community right here:
Fun Facts About Nassau County, Long Island, New York:

Population: 1,334,892 larger than some states!
Female/Male ratio: 100/92
Population density: 1,797/km (4,655/mi). We're squished.Water on 2 sides.
Square Miles: 287 it's little..14x20 miles....good beaches, boating, sailing

High School Grads: 87%; College Grads: 35% 11 colleges in Nassau County
Median age: 38

Median Income: $72,000; Median Family Income: $81,246
Male Median Income: $52,340; Female Median Income: $37,446 the bastards
Living below Poverty Level: 5.2%

79% white; 10% black; 10% hispanic/latino; Foreign born: 18%

Homeownership: 80%; Average household size: 2.93; Average family size: 3.34.
347,172: families ; 447,387: households; 35.30%: families with children under 18

Religious Affiliations with more than 10,000 adherents:
Roman Catholic: 694,389; Episcopal: 16,153; Jewish: 207,000; Methodist:17,284

People are most welcome to visit Long Island and many people do. Just don't move here unless you are a company that promises to hire lots of people and give medical benefits. There is no more room for new residents. See above for proof. So just come visit, go swimming, sailing, support local musicians, eat out often, spend lots of money in mom and pop stores and then go home with our fondest regards. We need money, the Rethuglicans almost bankrupted us.

Fun facts gleaned from here, here and here.

LI MAP: Nassau County is outlined in Orange. Suffolk is everything to the east. Queens and Brooklyn to the west.

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