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Monday, June 28

Reflection on Fahrenheit 9/11

I didn't want to be right about what has happened since 9/11. I wanted to be proven wrong and I would actually have felt relieved. Seriously. I understand why there are people out there slamming F9/11 because they don't want to be wrong. It sucks to find out you were wrong. It's so odd that those of us who know the truth wish we were wrong and those who believe the lies are afraid to face it.

When all the truth comes out, yeah, I'll be vindicated... but big deal. This isn't the kind of stuff that you want to be right about. It only makes you feel worse.

Fahrenheit 9/11 connected dots I didn't want to connect willfully. I tried not to think of it but the dots kept creeping back. I wanted the USA to be the greatest country in the world and the country that was revered by all the world. I just wish that those who fear reality will find the strength to join the rest of us. We will welcome them and then we will all do what needs to be done. Together.

"If America ever passes out as a great nation, we ought to put on our tombstone:  America died from a delusion she had Moral Leadership."  ~Will Rogers

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