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Monday, June 14

No Stopping Michael Moore

One of my faithful readers informed me of this wingnut movement:
There is a paranoid website devoted to stopping Michael Moore. It is seen as a recruiting video for al Qaida. yawn. The site urges wingers to write, call and fax the theater owners who plan to show the movie this month and tell them to stop it. According to What Really Happened, some theater owners received death threats.

This is obviously an important movie. I doubt it will be stopped because money talks as we all know... the winger news is always looking for a controversy to whine about which in turn gives the cause lots of publicity..... let's keep our ears to the ground and see where this is leading and if necessary flood the theaters with support for the flick.

Find a theater where you can see F911 in your area. We only have one stinking theater listed for all of Long Island. They have crappy parking too. I'll have to do some activism.

From Wapo: "In one of the film's most dramatic moments, we watch the president attending an elementary school class on that ill-fated morning of Sept. 11. An aide whispers to him news of the plane crash into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The look on Bush's face is stunned, as any person's would be. A clock ticks away. The president looks as though he'll never get up from that seat. The minutes tick by."

I've seen that video clip over and over and over on the internet and to this day it speaks volumes to me. It's the clip that woke me out of my 9/11 shock. It is in fact the video clip that told me either Bush is a complete fucking moron who doesn't deserve to be the commander in chief of the most powerful nation in the world OR he knew exactly what was going down. No 2 ways about it. I'm anxious to see this movie.

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