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Monday, June 21

Newdow Schmoodow

Before you jump on the Michael Newdow bandwagon because he is supposedly 'one of us', Trish Wilson's Fisking Michael Newdow makes it clear in her analysis that:
(1) Michael Newdow LOST joint legal custody, thereby he does not have standing to take this case through the court system. He has been telling the media that he had custody when in fact he had not. He lied.

(2) He is not concerned with how thrusting his daughter into the center of this maelstrom against her will can harm her.

(3) He is only concerned with himself, giving the thumbscrews to his ex-girlfriend, and basking in his 15 minutes of fame. The Supreme Court justices could see all that, so they ruled against him.

While it's fair to argue that "one nation under god" is unconstitutional, Michael Newdow is in this to screw his ex-girlfriend and get his 15 minutes of fame. Trish Wilson gives an excellent, well thought out expert analysis.

I am not sure if Trish is blonde. You would think so by the quality of her work. She was at least blonde as a child.
- the mgmt.

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