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Monday, June 14

New Clinton Portraits Unveiled at White House

Psssst off Patricia at Public Domain Progress described Bush's expression while Clinton spoke this way: "He looked as though he might be experiencing a colonoscopy with a red hot poker as he sat there listening to someone who so blatantly and innocently exposed the difference between an intelligent man and a goofball cowboy.
You sort of wonder, when the time arrives for the portrait of Bush to be painted, will he insist that Cheney also be in the picture?"

Heh, good one!

Simmie Knox, the first black artist to paint an official presidential portrait [Bill Clinton], is a self-taught artist, best known for his portraits of black celebrities like baseball legend Hank Aaron and comedian Bill Cosby, also will unveil a painting of the former first lady, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Way to go, Simi! Great job.

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