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Thursday, June 24

Name Your Guvm'nt Program

Mad Kane, the webs most notable song parody writer has posted a contest to rename the Food Stamps Program because the government has replaced 'stamps' with a fabulous new 'Debit Card'. Mad dares you to come up with a suitable new title for this government program. BlondeSense readers are so witty and sharp, it should be a no brainer for any of you to think of something great, post it on her comments and win the prize. When my brain fart has passed, I'll think of something too. I'm thinking that since the US has created so many homeless refugees in the Middle East, that the new card ought to have the words "hummus" or "kabob" in the title... I'm very forward thinking, you know.

Blondesense is deeply honored to be linked from Mad Kane. Mad is one of my heroines because my alterego, is also a satirical song writer. My other most favorite musical satirist in the NY area is Sonny Meadows, the King of satirical songs on Long Island. He's been called the male, Blonde Lemon Pledge and I've been called the female Sonny Meadows. His songs are very political. Mine are not, believe it or not. I haven't written a political song since the Vietnam years. I'm just politically incorrect. period.

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