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Tuesday, June 22

more blondesense

You guys must have come across opinion pieces whereby "liberals" are painted with the broad brush stroke that depicts anyone to the left of the neocons as a terrorist sympathizer, complicit with the beheadings of civilians, spending too much time dissecting the crimes at Abu Ghraib and the truth behind 9//11. These liberals according to the wing-nut pundits are ruining America. Of course, we all know that except for the neocons who are robots with pre-programmed brains, everyone else is entitled to their own opinions and thought processes. You most certainly cannot just throw everyone who doesn't agree with wing-nut philosophy into the same category. But in the black and white world of wing-nuttery, that is what they see. These people hate critical thinking. I love critical thinking. Don't you?

For me the Abu Ghraib torture scandal is important because we are paying for it and the US military is representing us. I want to know what they are doing with my money, thank you very much. What is so liberal about that? I think it's rather fiscally conservative. Personally, I would prefer that they would spend less money on torturing, I mean, extracting information from innocent civilians and taking pictures of it. It's also illegal, sick, perverted, demented and goddammit I don't want my money being used in this way.

Of course, I feel for those civilians who were captured and burned, beheaded, tortured and put to death. Of course I am. Should I jump on the "let's nuke the middle east" bandwagon because of that? Isn't that a little bit reactionary? Aren't the liberals supposed to be the ones who overreact? How come the same people aren't freaking out that over 800 of our kids were killed in Iraq? I want our troops to come home. NOW.

I thought the neocons were allied with the religious right. I don't think Jesus would be happy if we nuked the middle east, ya know? This kind of reminds me of the south when a black man would supposedly commit a crime against a white person and then everyone hated all black people as a result. Every time something bad happened, they blamed it on a black man. What's happening now is just neo-racism. There was a Boondocks comic strip from late 2001 where the kids are all excited after reading in the paper saying that the blacks have moved to number 3 as the most hated race in the U.S. They were so happy. We are Number 3! yeah! It seems the Muslims pushed them back. We are kind of Nazi here.

I've written a couple of times in this blog about how it felt to be here in NY on 9/11 and afterwards. It truly was terrifying and it felt like we would never ever be normal again. It was freaky to see soldiers with guns all over the place and roadblocks for months on end. It was an alternate universe. Holy Checkpoint, Batman! I have to admit, reluctantly that there was a tiny couple of moments there that I was wishing that torture was legal. I wanted those bastards who did this to be tortured, not killed. I was informed that the US doesn't do that. LIke I said, it was a few moments that I was in shock and upset and then I of course, I realized that they'd probably torture the wrong people anyway. Then I was over it.

By the time, we invaded Afghanistan, I was back to being an anti-war person and nothing on tv convinced me that bombing a place where you couldn't tell the difference between the before and after pictures was going to do any good. A lot of liberals didn't see anything wrong with the invasion of Afghanistan though. I was somewhere in the middle. There was no black and white. People had all sorts of opinions on it.

I felt sorry for the poor Afghanis who were so oppressed. I watched all those documentaries that were on CNN and MSNBC. I didn't think "Let's carpet bomb the shit out of that country" though. Others disagree with me. You're allowed. I just hope that someday when the fascists really take full control of our country that some other country doesn't watch a documentary about us and decide to carpet bomb us in sympathy.

My point is that neocons are completely wrong when they lump everyone who is not like them into one category. Radical lefties piss me off just as much as the neocons as a matter of fact. They got smoking banned in New York State and I hate them for it. Their politically correct bullshit nauseates me. There's not much difference between the fascists and the commies.

That's just my opinion on this muggy summer day in New York.

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