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Wednesday, June 23

The Lard's Feet Must Never Touch the Ground

Bohemian Mama pointed out that when Bush was in Normandy last week or whenever the hell it was, the US had to pay about $100,000 so King George's feet wouldn't touch the ground. The NY Daily News said at W's D-Day speech "The red carpet price tag wasn't anticipated by Pentagon planners, so the $100,000, which has already been paid out to the civilian contractors who did the work, will have to be scrounged from somewhere else.

"That money will have to come out of some account that otherwise would be spent on soldiers," according to a source familiar with the situation.

White House officials said a precise cost for the bridge could not be determined, because it was part of a much larger cost of preparing the site for the President."

Preparing the site for the president? Mr. "Brush Clearing On the Ranch President while the Soldiers are being killed in Iraq". Jeeeeeeez. When King George came to Long Island to do fund raising, he included a ground breaking ceremony at a park across the street from me where they are building a monument to the 300 who died from my area on 9/11, he also demanded that his feet didn't touch the ground. By attending that ceremony, he was able to get the tapayers to foot the bill of his campaign fundraiser that day. And we called Clinton slick? heh.

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