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Saturday, June 5

Knuckleheads in '69

Neo-nazi's Dick and Rummy in 1969.

A recent Mother Jones article explains in Civil Servants As the Enemy that Dick "Slick" Cheney and Donald "Rummy the Dummy" Rumsfeld have been in cahoots for privatizing goverment agencies because everyone in the agencies hated Rummy. heh.
In 1969, President Richard Nixon appointed Rumsfeld, a 37-year-old congressman from Illinois, to head the Office of Economic Opportunity, which was responsible for overseeing the War on Poverty. Nixon wanted the agency restructured, and Rumsfeld, with the assistance of his chief aide, Cheney, quickly began bringing in management contractors to do the work of the agency's top civil servants.

In The Shadow Government, a 1976 book about the federal consulting industry, Daniel Guttman and Barry Willner quote Cheney as saying, "Don found himself with a bureaucracy that hated him.... [He] was forced to seek outside help. I remember Don reciting to me the Al Smith statement, 'If I don't look to my friends for help, who do I look to, my enemies?'"

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