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Monday, June 7

It's Reigning Men, Hallelujah!

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Dark Window has a chilling account of Vox Day, a Christian Libertarian's article over at WND called "Why Women Shouldn't Vote". oy.

The article starts with this: "An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 70% of men favored smaller government, but only 48% of women believed the same way. So men are far more likely to view big government as part of the problem, not the solution. It's pretty clear to me that one of the most destructive forces in our society has been women's suffrage." [emphasis mine]

Vox Day read the poll results wrong because the poll showed that 70% of men don't know what smaller government actually means to them, while only 48% of women don't know. Women win. Hey, we want our husbands, fathers and sons to get high paying jobs and succeed in the world. You think smaller government is going to help our nation? Get real. Read a newspaper and a history book.

World O' Crap quotes Day, "It's a simple question, actually. Is the nation better off or worse off as a result of women's suffrage? If so, how? It's a tough case to make, unless you want to argue that divorce, illegitimacy, homosexuality and falling real wages are the historical signs of a healthy society."

Gawd. Yes of course, women love to have children who might someday turn out to be persecuted homosexuals (mothers always love to see their kids persecuted, you know), or their daughters become battered wives, or poorly paid Burger King workers because the stupid white men running the show continually fuck up the economy. Oh yes women are the cause of all divorces too. We just love to raise a family all alone. All we ever wanted was to steal your house and your car as part of our secret "Steal house and car" agenda. And illegitimacy... yes women are the sole cause for that. But God forbid one of us has an abortion.

Vox has a blog where the comments by his minions are positively sick. You can find the links to his blog at the sites I linked to above. Then I surfed over to Feministe and discovered via Trish Wilson, even more dumbasses out there who blame women for the evils of society. Sheesh. There is some sort of "He Man Women Haters" club out there with Alfalfa at the helm. Did these guys have mothers or what?

Father Jake's blog refers to an article by Nancy Myer Hopkins called "Fear of the Feminine" that deals with homophobia and misogyny in the Church. Well it's no secret that the Bible, then the Churches were clearly patriarchal and it's a problem we have to deal with today. Perhaps it should just be outlawed that women even learn to read or be required to attend school. How's that? We can just be "breeders." NOT!

Of course, Blondesense believes this all goes back to penile issues. Maybe we should have World Wide Penis Day, worship the darn thing and get this over with once and for all and deal with the truly important matters of life. Some men think women are jealous of the penis. Not true. Boobs are more powerful.

I still have to do more dot connecting...

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