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Sunday, June 13

Irony of Ironies

This is the stuff that gets my lacy thong in an uproar: In December 1983, Rummy went to see Saddam and secretly made a deal to arm him with WMDs to fight Iran. The US ignored his use of chemical weapons against Iran and also the use of chemical weapons on the Kurds in Iraq. Reagan was in on the whole war with Iraq against Iran and urged Saddam to step it up. The US knew about the atrocities and war crimes of Saddam as early as 1982. In the first Gulf War, Bush 41 was also aware of Saddam's earlier war crimes but did not punish him for them.

But by Bush 43, the very Christian US is filled with moral outrage and indignation at Saddam's war crimes and invaded Iraq in 2003 to overthrow Saddam, yet simultaneously praises Reagans accomplishments in 2004 for a solid week, labels him the greatest president of the US, even though he helped create the monsters we are fighting. Read "Ronnie and Saddam"

So in actuality Reagan was bad in creating Saddam since Dubya is sacrificing our kids to overthrow Iraq and Saddam, yet we are worshipping Reagan all week for being such a fab president (which he obviously wasn't). The media spin is excellent.. but they didn't make me dizzy and fall down yet.

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