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Friday, June 25

Incubus: Kewl Band

My son informed me he will be seeing Incubus tomorrow night at the Nassau Coliseum. I checked out the band. I approve. he's almost 19 so it really wouldn't matter anyway if I didn't

: "It's hard to believe this amiable young rocker has become a lightning rod for political controversy. But Incubus' latest disc, 'A Crow Left of the Murder' (Epic), is loaded with references to terrorism, censorship, an out-of-control government and a cynical news media. The single 'Megalomaniac' is only one example: Its hard-rocking refrain ('Step down! Step down!') seems aimed directly at President George W. Bush, and its eye-catching video, featuring a politician using a gas pump as his podium, has been banished to late-night rotation on MTV.
"The director, Floria Sigismondi, used collage- style animation to create images of falling bombs, a flying Adolph Hitler and a book labeled 'Ye Holy Buy Bull.' 'I wanted to show dictators from past and present, and how they abuse their people,' says Sigismondi, who has directed videos for Marilyn Manson and David Bowie. 'I wanted to make an anti-war video.' That plainly frightened MTV, which was still reeling from its involvement in the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in which Janet Jackson's breast was exposed. There was no sexual content in Incubus' video, but MTV decided to air it at night only. 'Which was a bit comical to us,' Boyd says. 'We thought it would take somebody in the White House' to banish the video. 'Instead, it took the breast of Janet Jackson. Like that was the final straw?'"

Wow I like this guy. I'm trying to find the video on the web. I found the MP3. I would go see the band, but I know if I did, my kid would have a cow.

Incubus had another song I really liked (forgot the name) and modeled one of my songs on my album after it... rhythmically, sort of.
Blonde Lemon Pledge: Ride You (MP3). (this is rather hip-hoppy. my producer played the scratchy record player)
"Ride You" is written by and ©2001 Elizabeth Smith, All Rights Reserved
Produced marvelously by Will Angeloro
Lead Guitar masterfully employed by Dave Isaacs

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