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Thursday, June 17

I am Strong... I am Invisible

Susumu Tachi, invented an invisibility cloak which works by projecting an image onto itself of what is behind the wearer. Isn't that cool? A computer generates the image that is projected, so the viewer effectively sees "through" the cloak. The key development of the cloak was the development of a new material called retro-reflectum. It allows you to see a 3 dimensional image too.

Instead of women wearing burkas made of regular fabric, they should wear these things so they can be totally invisible.... and I bet it would be really easy to steal stuff too. Rob your oppressors blind! And you know those days when you just feel shitty and don't want anyone to look at you when you go shopping or to the office? voila! Become invisible! Spy on your husband/wife, go into a life of crime, become a spy, fly for free! Imagine the possibilities... hmmmm?

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