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Friday, June 18

Hum Theme from Jaws and Read This

My most favorite Texas blogger, winding road in urban area again makes it clear to me that this Yankee would not BLEND in Texas... as much as I would really love to try the barbeque.

Read this post from Winding's blog on the "Texas Republican Party Platform recently adopted by seriously disturbed people in Texas."

I mean no harm to the sane people from Texas... but damn! Is this thinking widespread? Aren't you scared? Here's a taste: "Our Party pledges to exert its influence to restore the original intent of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and dispel the myth of the separation of Church and State.” There is so much more to make your hair stand on end.

Then read StoutDemBlog to get a feel for what's it like to live in Dallas and oppose the preznit. A Bush supporter called a "Mom against Bush" on the phone and " threatened to come to my home, cut off my head and 'shit down my open neck' if that's what it takes for me to shut my stupid mouth."

Ok then. Scratch Texas from potential places to move. This all kind of makes me wonder what kind of crimes people are imprisoned for in the Lone Star State. Check out Criminal Justice: Texas Style where I point out some interesting Texican statistics that show if Texas were a country, it would have the highest incarceration rate in the world easily surpassing the US, Russia and China.

So basically they have lots of folks in jail and they want to make more laws so that more things can be illegal so that they can put more people in jail. And I was whining about Noo Yawk.

Message from a NooYawkuh: Yooz guyz in Texas... Yooz gotsta doo sumthin' aboud dose maniac Republicans. Waddaya dooin'? Get some prozak put in the waw-duh, then kick dere assiz owda dere or fuggeddabowdit. Yaw gonna bee history.. Goddit? Now get duh hell outta heah.

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