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Sunday, June 13

The French blog 'Sale Bete' mentioned moi.

'Sale Bete' had to say this about Blonde Sense:

"j’ai trouvé le site marrant de Blonde Sense, une blonde qui habite la banlieue de New-York, dans la Long-Island (devrait-on écrire l’Île Longue ?) et qui a la langue un peu verte elle aussi."

I never studied French but my blondeness and my knack for foreign languages will allow me to make a rough translation, so here goes:

"I traveled to the maudlin site of Blonde sense, a blonde who habitates the banality of New York and dances on Long Island (should one write Isle de Long Tongue?) in which the language is perverted, she is a bit aussie."

These French people are rather interesting... but why write about me? I am no Jerry Lewis. Long Island looks more like a fish than a tongue. Wait.. come to think of it, it looks like a forked tongue. hmmm.....

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