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Sunday, June 20

Fathers Day

On Fathers Day my dad used to take us all out to dinner and spend the day with us. He never slept on a hammock all day, like those stupid cards like to insist. He always told us he was very grateful to have the opportunity to be a father. He showed that sentiment everyday he was on earth. I miss him very much now that he is in heaven. He didn't leave me wondering if there was anything else I could have done to please him. Lots of fathers do that. Don't be one of those fathers who do that even if your dad did that to you. Stop the chain. Be there. Talk. Be encouraging and most of all communicate. Your kids need you. All kids need a dad. Take this opportunity to be one of the great ones so your kids won't end up on Jerry Springer complaining that you weren't there.

Happy Fathers Day.

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