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Saturday, June 19

Fascist "Patriotism"

From Doomocracy:

"...this kind of patriotism is divisive, hateful and perjurious by definition and makes most people uneasy, intimidated and fearful. This kind of patriotism takes away the most basic freedoms enjoyed by free societies. This is the patriotism that singles out your children in school, if they wear inappropriate tee-shirt (with a peace sign) or your house in a suburban neighborhood (if the flag is not flying for the war). You would lose your job if the corporation is supporting the ruling government and you voice opposition, get evicted from your apartment if you actively and revealingly seek freedom and democracy because your landlord is a contributor to the governing party; be thoroughly searched if your skin is a dubious color at airport security, get beat up for publicizing your dissent to government policy , get deprived of truth in news broadcasting and be labeled as 'liberal baby-killer' 'traitor' 'un-American' 'unpatriotic' every time you voice opposition or criticism of your government."

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