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Thursday, June 24

'Embedded Patriots': Good Good News

Oh my god, this is good.

From The Nation: "A series of explosive leaks--closely held documents and well-informed tips--have altered the course of politics and might very well influence the outcome of this year's presidential election. Yet we don't know whom to thank.

"Who gave the Justice Department's 'torture' memorandum to the Washington Post? Who provided the International Red Cross's letter of complaints on prisoner abuses to the Wall Street Journal? Who confirmed for the New York Times that Iyad Allawi, the newly appointed Prime Minister of Iraq, had supervised the CIA's terrorist bombing campaign in Baghdad a decade ago? Who informed U.S. News & World Report that Defense Secretary Rumsfeld had authorized the holding of a 'ghost prisoner' in violation of international law? Who--someone close to the President?--leaked the 'torture' memo written by White House counsel Alberto Gonzales? "

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