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Wednesday, June 16

E tu Popus?

oh Jesus, oh Lord, we are so fucked. I was going to write an article implying that the Vatican was too smart to fall for Bush's tricks. I was going to say that the Pope still had enough brain matter to know he was face to face with THE anti-christ in the Vatican 2 weeks ago. I was hoping that the pope wouldn't be bedazzled by the shiny medal that Bush gave him. Even though I'm an ex-pat Catholic, I still hold out hope in my heart that the Catholic Church will do the right thing once in a great while.

We know that the Pope was not with Bush on the war thing in Iraq over a year ago. See Vatican to Bush: Iraq war would be 'disaster' and we know that the Europeans were really pissed at Bush when he visited the Pope in early June, see President Bush got a sharp dose of Europe's opposition and we learned this: Vatican calls prison abuse a bigger blow to U.S. than Sept. 11

I visited the site of the Vatican Post this morning and these were the freaking headlines!

Obviously Bush got to them. Now they are trying to play down the fucking Spanish Inquisition. I am going to take a long morning walk before it gets too hot and humid. When I come back I will deal with the issue of Separation of Church and State some more as the Catholic Hierarchy begins to make my blood boil.

Speaking of God.... Please pray for my Power Mac G4 which is in the shop. It got soooo zapped right through the surge protector when workmen were doing stuff at my house last week. My life is on that puter. I do have a service contract.. but my data.. oh my data!

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