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Thursday, June 3

Ditto Dat

Rude Pundit covers the Jose Padilla case today and why he deserves a trial and why they have to prove that he was planning to do what they say he was going to do because that is the way we do things in America, dammit!

Then the Rude One goes on to explain why we don't give money to churches in this country... well that's also because we don't do that in this country either, dammit. Uh that would go under 'Separation of Church and State', not to mention that THEY DON'T PAY TAXES!
"In other words, George Bush and his minions demonstrate, over and over, that what they are after is not a "return" of the United States to anything that existed in the past. It is the transformation of the country into something else. And whatever that something else is - theocracy, more rigid autocracy - it ain't the United States. It's another country, one most of us did not sign up to live in." -Rude Pundit

He's absolutely right (but left out fascist dictatorship) and this is another reason why my head nearly explodes when I see Bush throwing the constitution out the window at his whimsy. It's just plain wrong and Bush is NOT going to get away with this. I hope to see Hannity, Rush, O'Reilly, Coulter, et al blow their cranial bloodvessels over the liberal backlash before it happens to me. Now that's justice, baby.

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