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Wednesday, June 23

The Christification of America Encounters Roadblocks

We learned from Jaye at winding road in urban area , a few days ago, that the Texas Republican Party affirmed that the United States is indeed a Christian Nation. Jaye made the great suggestion that we "go back to crucifying people" as well. In keeping with Bible ideals and mores, I think that would be perfectly fitting as well. The Texas Republicans also want to "dispel the myth of separation of church and state", allow the 10 Commandments to be placed in public areas and of course still give religious institutions tax exemption yet allow them to receive government funds! It sounds to me like they would like to just do away with the US Constitution and put Jeeeeeesus in its place.

Just when my "Jesus Loves Me" thong was getting damp, it turns out that some party pooping Jewish Texans asked the Republican Party in Texas to stop calling the United States a 'Christian nation' in its platform. In addition to long-established Jewish communities, Texas is home to a sizable population of Muslims, members of what experts say is one of the fastest growing religions in America. The Anti-Defamation League was dismayed, to say the least, about the document that describes separation of church and state as a myth.

"America was founded on the belief that freedom of religion requires that the government take no official stance on, or participate in, religious activity or religion," the group said in a letter to Tina Benkiser, the chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party.

Tina Benkiser said that "Our platform is an acknowledgment that most of our nation's founding fathers had a deep faith in God," and "The Republican Party of Texas affirms that the United States of America is a Christian nation, and the public acknowledgment of God is undeniable in our history,"

The "official" US Republican Platform states "That the preservation of our Nation and the security of our citizens depends upon the Constitution, the laws and the courts, and the respect for them is the responsibility of every individual. On the other hand, our commander in chief has said, "There's America, and then there's Texas." Well ain't that the truth. I'm thinking of Kyle on Southpark singing, "Oh it's hard to be a Je-ew in Texas"

In other roadblocks against the Christification of America news, House Ways and Means Committee scourged at the pillar and then crucified the 'Safe Harbor for Churches' Measure a proposal that was "intended to give clergy members freedom to endorse candidates for political office without endangering the tax-exempt status of their congregations" according to Wapo. These tricky folks in the religious right are trying to dismantle the separation of church and state in order to elect Bush.

Not to be out-Christified by the Protestants, the Catholic Bishops had a "private retreat" last Friday and decided that "Catholics should not honor or give awards to politicians who defy "our fundamental moral principles" on abortion and other issues." The Catholic Bishops are very divided about whether or not to give communion to dissenting Catholic lawmakers. We heard about the St Louis Bishop, Raymond Burke said he wouldn't give communion to John Kerry and then we heard from Bishop Sheridan in Colorado who said he wouldn't give communion to any Catholic who supported pro-choice politicians. He didn't say anything about "death penalty" politicians or "unjust war in Iraq" politicians however. As far as Bishop Sheridan is concerned, we just have to get those babies born and then we can kill them.

The Vatican was a bit concerned about the US Bishops being divided so Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican's orthodoxy watchdog, met with a group of U.S. bishops visiting Rome this month and discouraged them from using the sacrament as a sanction. As it turns out though, the Bishops decided that they will decide for themselves and for their jurisdictions what the rules are. How do you like that? So if you don't like your Bishop's stand regarding communion, you can move to another diocese and have a different Bishop and different rules! Oh what the hell.. just do what you want.

It should be noted that not ALL Democrats are for abortion rights. Not all Republicans are anti-choice. They do represent their constituents in America. We still have separation of church and state and this is still a secular nation. See what a mess it turns into when they try to Christify the United States?

Take a look at the religious demographics of Christians in the US. You've got 63 million Catholics and lots more Protestants. But look at how the Protestants are so divided! There is no way we can be a theocracy. No one would ever decide which religion would be in charge. People would go positively nuts. 14% of the nation are other than Christian and there's no telling how many so called "Christians" actually live strictly by their religious doctrine.

Abortion Statistics show that 43% of women getting an abortion claimed they were Protestant and 27% claimed they were Catholic. So much for Christians being so actively "Pro-life". Statistics also show that 95% of abortions were for birth control reasons. You want to stop the murder of 1.3 million fetus' every year in the US? How about some more effective birth control lessons? I think when you find yourself

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