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Wednesday, June 30

Cheney Gets Bronx Cheer

The usual NY-Boston rivalry turned against a bigger villian Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium when Dick the "Prick" Cheney's face was shown on the big videoboard during the 7th inning stretch and the crowd went wild and booed him unmercifully so that they had to quickly switch to another shot... that didn't keep the Bronx crowd crowd quiet though.. they kept booing.

Cheney was sitting with Gov Pataki (boo) and former NYC Mayor Guiliani (boo). It's times like this that being a New Yorker makes me so proud, it brings tears to my eyes. The Yankees beat Boston 11-3, but most of all, the Yankee and Red Sox fans showed Cheney that this is NOT Cheney/Bush country. NY is not known for its impotence.

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