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Monday, June 7

But he was better than Bush. sort of.

The Ronald Reagan Era in government was the beginning of the end of civil rights, social and economic justice. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. I bought my first house in late 1981 and paid 17% interest on the mortgage! The deficit hit one trillion dollars in the first year of his presidency and that's when the Republicans became reckless spenders and Democrats gave up the title for good.

Unemployment skyrocketed, homelessness was epidemic and Reagan's approval ratings were low during his Presidency. The sick got sicker and many of them died because Reagan did not want to do anything about AIDS as it was linked to mostly gay men at the time. It is widely disputed that he ended the Cold War. Corporate deregulation brought us the S&L debacle and the end of mass media we can trust. The loosening of pollution requirements for corporations are also part of his legacy. Reagan's buddy Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds under Reagan's watch too. There's so much more... oh yeah.. he had Alzheimer's while he was Prez. My dad had it too. I know that disease when I see it.

I compiled a bunch of factoids about Reagan from the Internet and posted them here. I left out a lot of stuff but the list is stupefying. Seriously.

Billydoom over at Doomocracy remembers Reagan too! Not so fondly. Most of us remember being in debt up to our eyeballs, sky high interest rates and using this new fab expression in our daily lives, "I can't recall".

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