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Thursday, June 17


Our Preznit is holding tent revival meetings selling a little magic card to senior citizens complete with little old ladies willing to testify ... yes I said TESTIFY... on behalf of the Lord Bush, and his plan to save... Save... I said Good Lord Almighty... the seniors are going to SAVE money. Yes you heard it here. Bush's plan is going to SAVE SENIORS money.

Bush met with seniors in Liberty, Missouri where he proceeded to confuse senior citizens even more about the use of the prescription drug card but assured them that in the end their money would be SAVED.

The president started out his speech assuring the little old ladies that we are teaching the world about peace by invading countries such as Iraq and showing them what it means to be a free country. He calmed anxious minds as he explained we will be a more secure country after we "Bring Freedom" to those in other lands who do not espouse our concept of "Freedom". He threw in a line about 9/11 to reiterate the fact that the war we are in and 9/11 are not related.

"And we've got to keep the military strong to make the world -- to help the world be a peaceful world. It's incumbent upon America to lead and work with other nations to spread freedom. Free countries are peaceful countries. And I believe we have an obligation to work toward freedom and peace, not only for our own security, not only because we must never forget the lessons of September the 11th, but because, in this nation, we understand that freedom is not America's gift to the world, freedom is the Almighty God's gift to each man and woman in this world." (Applause.)

Bush had little old ladies flown in to testify about the little prescription card. The President said, "And I'll tell you, who best to testify is Wanda -- Wanda Blackmore. She and I, as I told you, we just went to a pharmacy. She -- I was going to say, you whipped out your card, but you left your card there before, right? Anyway, they had her card, and she bought some drugs that is -- a blood thinner."

"...She got her card. The first time she used it was June 7th. On a prescription that usually cost $10, she paid $1.14. That's called savings. It looks like -- we kind of did some rough math, didn't we, and it looks like you're going to save about $750 this year. And that's a lot. That's an awful lot for some people in this country. And I'm telling you this thing is working.
And I appreciate you coming to testify."

Wanda Blackmore rose up from her wheelchair and proclaimed, "I can stand! I can stand!"

The White House aids hushed her, slipped something in her purse and told her that this was a Medicare Card revival meeting, not a faith healing meeting. Wanda told reporters she gets a little confused sometimes.

A little voice was heard from Ms Cole who was waiting patiently on the stage for her turn to TESTIFY, "Mr. President, I can tell you that your drug card is working." The President in his best 'it can core a apple' speak asked her, "How?"

"Well, because I went and got my medicine that I had to give $120 for, and when I got through, I gave $20-something for that same medicine. (Applause.) So there's no doubt in my mind that it is working, and working quite well.

The audience gave a thunderous applause. Ms Cole had testified that she saved $100, praise the Lawd. Ms Cole also explained that her false teeth almost fell out when she realized how much she'd been saved. The President reminded her that false teeth are not covered and advised her to try Fixodent, which is not covered under Medicare.

Ms Cole dropped her crutches and said, "So I'm sold on it, and anytime I can tell you people out there that are of our age, try it out. See if it fits for you. And then if it don't, well, fine. But you need to at least try it and see."

The grateful president replied, "There you go. I appreciate you, Gladys. Thanks, very much, for sharing that." (Applause.)

Ms Blackmore was so elated that she blurted out "This is the only time I've been glad to be poor."

The President then asked, "Who's writing your material for you?"

"Why your office, sir"

Source: Medicare Drug Discount Cards Help Seniors Save on Drug Costs

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