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Friday, June 25

BlondeSense Stalked By Woman Haters Club

Oh my Gawd the president of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" mentioned BlondeSense in his blog today. He's the one who took over the club after Alfalfa retired and ended up marrying Darla anyway even though she treated him like shit.

I wondered why the traffic was so enormously high and I checked to see where it was coming from. It came from the blog of 'he who thinks women are at the root of all evil in America'. Ya know... that guy that looks like the devil?

Be gone ye woman haters and people who don't know the difference between capitalism and corporatism, democracy and fascism! I command thee in the name of the Lord!

I don't care if my blog traffic dwindles back to it's usual 20 million viewers a day.

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