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Friday, June 18

blonde ramblings du jour

I referred earlier this week to an event I attended at the I'lle d'Koolaid where most of the attendees had been drinking Koolaid for five or six decades. We were introduced to a woman in her mid 60's who seemed nice enough at first, actually she was pretty nice, who lives in Huntington, Long Island, where Sean Hannity lives (she says she sees him often around town).

Before we had a chance to find out that she is a huge Sean Hannity fan, we remarked about what a liar he is. ooops. I think we also said that it's a good thing we don't run into him. heh.

The Center for American Progress has good information about the lies of Sean Hannity that we should probably print out and keep handy when attending social situations or just memorize. I think I would like to carry some handy printouts to give out when my intelligence is being insulted. Media Matters also covers lots of information about Bill O'Reilly.

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