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Sunday, June 20

a blonde moment...

It's Always About Sex

I watched McLoughlin Group, Meet the Press and 60 Minutes today. When they talked about Clinton, all they talked about was sex. Meet the Press was just awful. What a bunch of self important idiots. I would bet you that the only thing they remember about his presidency was the Starr Report. I am sure that they got off on it too, if you know what I mean. People that are overly interested in others sex lives usually are closet pervs. It's true. My mom taught me that.

Bill Clinton did a great job on 60 Minutes. They edited it so that most of the interview touched on his sex life, however they did delve into his childhood a bit and allowed a few minutes about other things that happened in history during the Clinton Administration to seep through. Bill Clinton probably hates Ken Starr more than I do. I never read the Starr Report. I wouldn't listen to it either. Honestly, it was none of my business. I heard enough about it on the evening news back then anyway.

I wish someone would interview that dick we have in the white house now about his sex life. I'd like someone to investigate how Karen Hughes gives it to Bush. I don't want to know the details cause I'd vomit, but what's fair is fair. I'd like to see Clinton vs Bush on Jeopardy too. The World Politics edition. heh

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