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Friday, May 28

Why is she so happy?

His name is Manadel al-Jamadi . Mr. Jamadi is the second dead prisoner to appear in photographs taken at Abu Ghraib prison. An autopsy has determined that Mr. al-Jamadi was beaten to death. Her name is Spc. Sabrina Harmon. It's not known nor has it been proven if he was a terrorist or an insurgent or anything evil at all.

I don't know that much about Sabrina. She looks like the average American girl next door with her winning smile and cheerleader expression. Take away the dead body and she looks like she just won first prize in the county fair. She is smiling with her eyes too. Why is she so happy? I dare not even speculate, dear reader.

I wish I had a way to tell the young women in uniform that they made a big mistake. The military is no place for ladies. War is definitely no place for them. Forget equal rights for a minute... women are life givers. It's biological. Unless they are mentally ill, women are nurturers. Training women to not only kill but rejoice in it goes against what it means to be female.

The women seen in the pictures from Abu Ghraib disgust me. They are a discredit to our gender. They must be from the same demon seed as Ann Coulter. Saying this goes against my creed of "live and let live" but women of this ilk shouldn't breed.

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