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Monday, May 17

Stuff a Sock in it Zell

Who else but Senator Zell "The Smell" Miller had this to say about the "torture" at Abu Ghraib on Imus today:
Senator Zell Miller: "The two times I think I have been most humiliated in my life was standing in a big room, naked as a jaybird with about fifty others and they were checking us out, now that was humiliating. It was humiliating showering with sixty others in a public shower. It didn't kill us did it? No one ever died from humiliation."
Imus: "Whenever I was naked I always felt sorry for the other guys."
Zell, the moron that he is, left out the part where he was sodomized with a light stick and broomstick, forced to keep a bag over his head, forced to perform sex with other men, forced to (imitate?) oral sex, kicked, leashed like a dog, photographed and beaten almost to death. That was the most humiliating part and Zell couldn't even bring himself to recall that.

The excuses from God fearing Christian politicians about Abu Ghraib scandal are outrageous. The excuses are worse than what happened there and more embarrassing to us as a nation. Can't they just shut the hell up already?

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