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Tuesday, May 11

Still No Body Armor?

As anti-war as I am, I still investigate regularly what our troops are up to and up against in Iraq because they are the sons and daughters of my generation and I care about them. Since the wars started the word was that our troops were not properly outfitted with body armor and the vehicles they use are inadequately armored and unfit for desert conditions. There are lots more concerns I have but the flagrant disregard for our troop's safety just blows my mind. Not only am I outraged that the US got into this bloody war, I am outraged that our soldiers are ill equipped.

We as a nation were led to believe that Iraq was a disaster waiting to happen and we must send troops in as fast as possible before we were faced with a "mushroom cloud". We then witnessed a year later, Sec of Defense Rumsfeld on Face the Nation deny ever intimating that Iraq was an immediate or imminent threat. If that is so and he is telling the truth, then our government should be held accountable for sending thousands of troops into Iraq unprepared.

As Americans we should unite together with politics aside to let our government know that we are outraged at the improper planning, execution and lack of exit strategy of the war. The pro-war and anti-war movement should both be writing letters to congress calling for an investigation and holding those at the top responsible for the thousands of casualties suffered by our children in Iraq due to improper armor.

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