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Saturday, May 8

Saudi's Join War on Terrorism

My favorite Saudi blogger, The Religious Policeman , informs us of this tidbit from the Arab news:
We are at War With The Terrorists, said Naif
-JEDDAH, 8 May 2004 — Saudi Arabia is in a state of war with terrorism, Interior Minister Prince Naif declared yesterday. But he also said efforts at communicating with extremists had been effective in bringing a number of them back into the fold....................

...................Speaking to top military and civilian officials in Jeddah last Saturday when four terrorists went on a shooting spree in Yanbu killing five Westerners and a National Guard officer, the crown prince said he believed Zionists were behind most terrorist attacks in the Kingdom. But in a press statement after the attack, Prince Naif blamed Al-Qaeda.

“I don’t see any contradiction in the two statements, because Al-Qaeda is backed by Israel and Zionism,” he said.
Mmmm. Sounds like fighting words to me. That should take Bush's mind off the Iraqi prison scandal.. oh wait, he doesn't read and will have to wait until this story is on 60 Minutes. WW3 anybody? Which side are we going to be on? Feeling a draft kiddies?

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