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Tuesday, May 4


Will the RNC bring 265 million dollars to struggling NYC companies? In Philadelphia at the RNC in 2000, they made 159 million. Streets will be closed for blocks and blocks. Security will cost taxpayers about 65 million.

New Yorkers will not be able to get around. Trains, tunnels, bridges and major roadways will be monitored and there will be checkpoints everywhere. I don't see how they expect to make any money since most New Yorkers are going to try to get the hell out of the city during the RNC. New Yorkers spend a lot more money than any GOP delegates. NYC will probably lose money. Pinheads.

We don't want the RNC here. They are exploiting NY for 9/11. Pigs. They didn't help us. We helped ourselves. Bush never paid NY what he promised for restoration. Bush told the EPA not to release the report that our air was unsafe. Thousands of NYers became ill due to poor air quality. NYC is 49th for receiving federal anti-terrorism funds. The GOP hates NY. America hates New Yorkers.

We don't want any favors from the sick perverts who rally behind the most corrupt and secretive government in the history of the US.

Waddaya think we're stoopid?

We're Noo Yawkiz.

The RNC can bite me.

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