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Friday, May 21

Reliving 9/11 and A Message to Warmongers: Pt.I

The 9/11 Commission keeps rolling on. I am reliving the horror following 9/11 because of it... of course not nearly as much as those who lost their very dear loved ones that day. Things changed that day. I am filled with bitterness and anger.... not so much for the hijackers anymore, but for those who are trying to coverup what happened here. Don't try to tell me who to be angry at now. I was here. I will report what it was like to be New Yorker who lived here on 9/11 and what my message is to Faux 9/11 Sympathizers and War Mongers. I'll deliver it in several parts. This is PART I:

I am so positively sick of the faux sympathy for New Yorkers after 9/11. I go around the internet and read blogs by war mongers who keep asking how we could forget 9/11 and where is our anger.... why are those "liberals" protesting the war in Iraq.. and blah blah blah. I wasn't even a liberal until GW Bush came into power.
Quit trying to squash the really bad thing that happened on 9/11, by trying to make me think that what is happening in Iraq will somehow make up for the intense trauma I went through that day and months after it. ... You are hateful people who use this tragedy as an excuse to act out your intolerance and bigotry for those who are not exactly like you. The government has politicized the tragedy to make corporations even more wealthy and to promote American Imperialism.

You have no idea what it was to be covered with dusty remains of our neighbors and friends who died in those towers for months after the attack. You have no idea how very vulnerable we felt here. Almost everyday for months a firefighter or cop's funeral passed my house on the way to the cemetery near my house. Every time another one passed my house, I relived the horror and the loss. Every time I attempted to simply dust the remains of the WTC off my furniture, it wouldn't budge for it was gritty and sticky and needed to be scrubbed. I scrubbed human remains from my table tops...

Read the whole thing in it's entirety and Listen to My Songs right here

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