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Friday, May 28

Prayers For Peace

One of my favorite spirituo-political bloggers (I made that up), Father Jake Stops the World, offers some Prayers For Peace. Here's one:
Lead us from death to life
Lead us from falsehood to truth
Lead us from despair to hope
Lead us from fear to trust
Lead us from hate to love
Lead us from war to peace
Let peace fill our hearts, our world, our Universe.

There is a massive nationwide prayer group constantly praying or collectively willing that George Bush will meet and conquer his foes with success. Obviously this success means death, destruction, sanctions, depleted uranium, mutilations, torture, bulldozing, bombing, shooting, homelessness and years of despair for many more innocent people than guilty people. In our country, corporatism is taking a firm hold and these naive people who collectively will or pray for the success of Mr Bush are also unwittingly willing the demise of our democracy.

Back in early 2001, right after he was inaugurated, Mr Bush started repeating over and over that we were going into a recession. At the time, the economy was strong. By constant repetition and drilling the idea of a recession into the masses, it was a collective willing of the economy to decline.

My point is that even if you are not religious/spiritual and you don't pray per se, you can indeed, by your attitude, your words and your meditations along with millions of others, help change the course we are on and counter the collective willing towards doom and decay.

I deliberately posted a sort of non-religious prayer for everyone above.. a prayer to the force of the universe, the spark, the flame, the creator, your higher power, god, goddess, the 'is-ness of being'. Go to the link above for more prayers and meditations.

Insanity also called for "Praying for the election of George Bush". We gotta counter that.

Tomorrow I'll go back to being my ridiculous vulgar self.

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