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Saturday, May 29

Playing the "God" Card is Not Fair or Legal

One of the reasons separation of church and state is a good thing is because there are soooo many churches that it wouldn't be fair to pick one church and let it have any influence over the government. That would cause a bigger stink than 2 party politics. Look at Iraq for instance. They have 3 major Islamic groups who would gladly kill each other. Supposedly the same religion.... hmmm Remember Northern Ireland? Christians?

In the past week or so I was freaking out because the apocalyptic christians who are pro Israel and anti Palestine have influence with the Bush administration. These folks are clearly not Christian and they don't deserve the capitalization of the letter "c" when referring to them cause they support annihilation and armageddon. That's not a Jesus thing for anyone who is non Christian and reading this, I assure you. Plus who wants an American administration that supports annihilation anyway? Well some do, but most of us don't.

Before that or after that, I forget, I was freaking out cause some nutcase Catholic Bishop in Colorado was telling folks they are not communion worthy if they vote for any candidate who is not "pro-life". This of course means that you better vote Republican or be excommunicated. The stupid thing about all this is that the only platform that is remotely Christian about Republicans is the pro-life platform and just about everything else is anti-Christian. I was surprised a Bishop would fall for it. Today I read in the Denver Post that they are calling for an IRS investigation into the Catholic diocese of Denver and all diocese' where they intervene in political campaigns. You see they are NOT supposed to get involved or they lose their tax exemption. One way to get Catholics to toe the line is to hit them in their pocket book.

I'm firmly committed to our getting a new president. I'm firmly committed to separation of church and state. It seems that this president is playing the 'God card' for all it's worth. Visit Americans United for Separation of Church and State for more information about why this is more important than ever in American politics and for the survival of democracy as we used to know it.

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