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Wednesday, May 26

NY Heroes Have To Sue For Justice Revisted

How the RNC has the unmitigated gall to come to NYC after the way their leader treated NYC after 9/11 just inflames me. I hereby encourage all protesters from the world over to gather around the RNC in solidarity with New Yorkers, especially for those who died on 9/11, their families and the heroes of the NYFD and NYPD who gave their lives and their health for our city and our country only to be stabbed in the back by our President and his most evil accomplices in Washington.

Yesterday I reported that 1,700 of our heroes have to sue to get medical help they desperately need. Remember when they were promised $90 million from Bush? Well they didn't get it. They got $25 million after much begging and gnashing of teeth. That was just the NYFD, the cops didn't get anything. Remember how the EPA was told by the White House not to release any health warnings about the air quality in NY after 9/11? They finagled with the air quality report and yet Mr Bush continues to politicize 9/11 as if it's his own.
DiPierro, a cop in the 46th Precinct, worked at Ground Zero all night on Sept. 11 and every day for months afterward.

He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March, and underwent surgery on April 5 to have two tumors removed.

By September 2002, Shore became crippled with pains in his rib cage that spread to his spine. Months later, he was told those pains were caused by terminal pancreatic cancer.

By April 2003, Shore was having surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center to remove his pancreas, gallbladder and spleen.

Shore is not expected to survive, despite extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. His doctor, Charles Hesdorffer, insists the deadly blend of noxious gases released by the collapse of the towers either caused or accelerated his condition. -NY Daily News

Richard Lahm, 49, who retired from the 46th Precinct in the Bronx this year, is battling terminal tonsil cancer - a condition his doctor claims was caused by the toxins released at Ground Zero.

...The FDNY received a $25 million federal grant to monitor health issues with firefighters. The NYPD was denied a similar grant.

...Detective John Walcott is one of those cops who has filed a notice of claim against the city seeking financial compensation after he was diagnosed with cancer last May.

...This year, Walcott has undergone bone marrow transplants and a series of chemotherapy treatments, and he often wakes up in the middle of the night with blood coming out of his eyes.

....NYPD street crime Detective Robert Williamson, 43, became sick with pancreatic cancer in March 2003, a year after he retired from the force. Williamson, his doctors and his attorney, Michael Barach, insist he became sick inhaling carcinogens at Ground Zero 16 hours a day for five months. He never smoked and has no family history of cancer.

...Uniformed Firefighters Association President Steven Cassidy said three Brooklyn firefighters have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer since working at Ground Zero. Another has leukemia. Hundreds more have retired with asthma and other respiratory issues, he said. -NY Daily News

Pete Strahl was on his belly, crawling in a tunnel of debris under 7 World Trade Center to reach an injured civilian...

Strahl is now battling a deadly throat cancer. His lung tests are also showing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dubbed the "World Trade Center cough" by medical experts.

"They took out my voice box," said Strahl, a 21-year FDNY veteran who retired in August 2002, just months after doctors found a malignant neoplasm of the larynx in his throat.

...Strahl's oncologist, Louis Rosner, said he believes the 47-year-old father of three developed cancer because of his work on Sept. 11 and in the days after.

The deadline to apply for financial help from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund passed on Dec. 22, 2003.

Advocates and lawyers fear that some serious, even critical, health problems related to 9/11 will not become apparent until months or years later, too late to apply to the fund.

Attorney Michael Barasch, who represents Pete Strahl and a slew of other emergency workers, said he has 73 clients who missed the deadline.

..."Their injuries were not diagnosed until after the deadline. But cancer doesn't have a calendar. Their lungs weren't informed of the deadline to apply," Barasch said. "The fund was very fair to people who had orthopedic injuries but very unfair to people who had latent diseases who were not diagnosed prior to the deadline." -NY Daily News

Message to all you rah rah rah flag wavers out there: Kiss My Big Fat Ass. Don't sing God Bless America to me. Go down to DC and appeal to congress and get them to give our heroes the money they were promised by that piece of shit you voted for in 2000. Raise millions more for their families while you are at it. If 1,700 heroes that worked at Ground Zero are in serious trouble and cannot work, 90 million bucks isn't going to cut it. Your government thinks all citizens are "fungible" and there are no heroes -only big business. Just think, last year the federal government subsidized Wal-mart to the tune of 1 billion dollars. Democracies don't subsidize corporations.

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